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"I am so happy, This horse is going to take me places I have never been but always dream of going!."

-Emma Y.




Chateau Vista Show Jumpers

The Foundation for a Lifetime: CVL Monserrate Stud International

December 01, 2020

Although we have been offline for a little over a year now, we are excited to announce that we have been busy working hard for bigger and better things for the future. We are taking the end of 2020 to reflect on where we have been and where we are going with our latest happenings. Our final and largest business branch in the equestrian world has been launched this year 2020 with the International Stud Farm of CVL Monserrate Stud International. 

Team Monserrate Equestrian Gets a Leg Up

August 01, 2019

We are excited to ALSO announce the launch of our Team Monserrate Equestrian importing webpage. This website will offer mostly high dollar high end luxury imports from overseas. By signing up to get updates on the latest imports and those interested in purchasing an import from TME we have a web portal online there of all of their current UTD radiographs and official veterinary paperwork for consideration perusal. Although Team Monserrate Equestrian had a soft launch in the fall of 2015. We are excited to have our webpage and branch up and running. Be sure to check out the latest information on the traveling show team and their latest imports from overseas by visiting the site. Click below for more information and to visit the Team page.

Launch of Equisport Forge and Farriery

June 01, 2019

We are excited to announce the launch of our business brand Equisport Forge and Farriery. Matthew Monserrate is the face of Equisport and had the privilege of attending Oklahoma Horseshoeing School starting back in December of 2016. Until now, Equisport did not have a stand alone working farrier building solely for farrier and blacksmith work. We are excited that our latest property allows us to extend our farrier branch to include a very own shop specifically dedicated to horseshoeing. With the farm having the ability to have an on-site farrier it has been a game changer with some of our horses as we have been able to provide them with the best of hoof care. As the saying goes, when there is no hoof there is no horse. We have some special needs hoof cases and have also been able to help others with their horses needs through what Equisport Forge and Farriery has to offer. We strive to provide the best of care to our broodmares, breeding stock, and beyond. Be sure to visit the newly launched website by clicking on the link below or here at:

Wesley for Emmy

April 01, 2019

Our big drafty cross mare Cascade aka Emmy was always a bit of a ham to have around. After her time at CVSJ she found a new home with her amateur rider mother doing some light dressage work, some fundamental horsemanship, and lots of trail time. We recently caught up with hearing about how she is doing and where she is now. We are pleased to know that she has a permanent home at Wesley Woods and acres enjoying her life of leisure along with some of her other friends from CVSJ that just happened to find their new home there as well. We are happy to know that she has made others very happy in her journey through life and that she can continue to please those now up and coming riders in the younger generations. Being super hardy and a big girl, she will do well in her new situation we have no doubt. Since it has been two years since she was a part of the CVSJ crew, it seems like just yesterday she was in one of the stalls here at the barn. We thoroughly love hearing about how our alumni are doing once they have moved on from our program and we look forward to many more updates in the future for her.

Blue Annie brings in the Blues

February 01, 2019

On a whim, after tragedy struck one of our friend's older mares and their family, we just happened to have the perfect mare to send their way to ease in the grief loss process, and to help their horse that was alone have a buddy to be with. If you read a few stories down you will remember the story of Promise. The horse that needed the buddy was none other then our CVSJ alumni named Blue Annie aka Roxie. Over the course of the past year, 2018, Roxie and her owners have been traveling around the scene in Iowa competing at numerous competitions and done well. We love seeing new updates as they come our way of the young little grey mare that always could. From day one it was meant to be with her new family as they braved some of the same cold that we are having right now in Iowa to come out for multiple trial rides for Roxie as they were trying to decide if a younger off the track version was the route to go through a mutual friend. We have all learned that Roxie was meant to be with the family that has her now. Not only is this mare's color beautiful dapples but her personality is just as wonderful. She has always been the little spunky athletic girl as she has come into her own with her family that loves her.  We were unsure what she would be coming from a trainer at the track we did not know very well, but she has been a pleasant surprise of joy and fun for her owners who have had her for over two years now. We look forward to many more partnerships as this one and we love seeing our alumni horses enjoying their forever families. Stories like this are what we are all about here at CVSJ. We want everyone to find their horse of a lifetime. Their next best friend just like Roxie.

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